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SS Agitating Reactor

Product Detail

General Description:

Reactor, unlike mixing tanks, are totally sealed from the atmosphere. Mixing tanks are designed to disperse two or more chemicals together. Reactor on the other hand, allow the chemicals inside to go through a reaction phase which ultimately produces new and different chemical properties.

Stainless steel vessel is a container with an agitator for mixing, dispersing and reaction of different materials in chemical production. It is widely used in chemical, food, pharmaceuticals, resin, coating, paint, printing ink industry. It can be either dished end type or flat lid type, with level gauges, temperature detectors and display device. Usually, it has manhole, sight glass, feeding inlet, discharging outlet and spare openings. For different production process and reaction materials, we will have different designs and configurations, mainly displayed on its shape, overall size, sanitary requirement, seal effect, with condenser, heat exchanger, pressuresensor, temperature sensor and load cell. Various agitators and discharging modes for options.

Different Types of SS Reactor:

·        Various speed Tri shaft Mixing Stainless Steel Reactor;

·        Pharmaceutical Chemical Stainless Steel Reactor;

·        Polishing Electric Heating Mixing stainless steel tanks with jacket;

·        Stainless Steel Reactor With Agitator for input conduction oil;

·        Chemical Reactor Coil Heating With lifting lugs or supporting legs;

·        High pressure Stainless Steel Reactor/Heating Jacketed Reactor;

·        Electric power Composite blender Stainless Steel Reactor/Composite mixer;

·        Stainless Steel Jacketed reactor with stirring container/stirring device;

·        CE Electric Heating Stainless Steel Reactor/Chemical Reactor;

·        Corrosion resistant pharmaceuticals Stainless Steel Reaction Vessel for mixing;

·        Paint use electrical heating reaction vessel/500L~ 5000L SS tanks;

·        Industrial Jacketed stainless steel reactor machine 500L~20000L;

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