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Glass-lined Equipment

Product Detail

General Description:

Specially designed and manufactured to high withstand of glass lined reactor, glass lined storage tank, glass lined distillation tank, glass lined column, GMP model reactor, evaporator, glass lined heat exchanger etc. And all kinds of non-standard glass lined equipments and all kinds of glass lined accessories. The product range of the glass lined reactor is from 50L to 80000L.

Our glass lined equipments combine the chemical inertness of glass and the structural stability of steel. The company adopts advanced glass lining equipment burning technology developed by hanging, self-developed high grade strong corrosion resistance glass lined enamel, furnace temperature digital control device and other glass lined equipment manufacturing patent method, all the glass lined equipment are burned by electric furnace with same specification in one electric furnace, making a gain of enamel equipment with glass lining porcelain evenly, non-deformation, quality reliable and stable, strong corrosion resistance, not easy collapsed, glass lining porcelain face clean and non-pollution etc.

Design & Manufacturing Standards:

  • ISO9001-2015 (GB/T25026(7)-2010);

  • German Industry Standard (DIN28136);

    - AE Series GLR (DIN28136)

    - CE Series GLR (DIN28136)

  • K Series GLR (GB/T25027-2010);

  • F Series GLR (GB/T25026-2010);

  • Current Good Manufacture Practices (cGMP);

Main Glass-lined Equipment Products

  • Glass-lined Reactors

  • Glass-lined Storage Tank

  • Glass-lined Distillation Tank

  • Glass-lined Condenser

  • Glass-lined Agitators

  • Glass-lined Pipes & Fittings

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